58 · The One-Eyed Venetian

You’ve enjoyed the noir classics The Big Heat and The Big Sleep; now try… The Big Eye! "My partner Denton Wrinklesuit just ain’t cut out to be a private eye. Always trippin’ on sidewalks, takin’ his dates and their perky nipples down with him. Well, buddy, try doin’ a stakeout as a very public eye like me. It’s goin’ real great — I’m sure nobody’s noticed me up here, just like I didn’t notice that goddamn skyscraper that just socked me right in the cornea. These people. Maybe if I had a jaunty bowtie, they’d find me less frightening. And the warning I boomed out was about an eye dilation, since I’d just been to the doc — not sure where they got annihilation. “Red peril”, they call me. Well, maybe I do need some drops... and I’m sure I need a drink." — "The Big Eye" by Max Ehrlich ----more---- With special thanks to Friend-of-the-library Glimmerstomp for this week's synopsis!  Also thanks to @ladyaeva for https://twitter.com/ladyaeva/status/1215717975711473664. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/uut9bb/CMA-057.jpg Find CoverMyAssCast on Twitter, Gmail and www.covermyasscast.com.

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